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3 Key Steps For Selling a Car: Get Your Car Sold in No Time

3 Key Steps For Selling a Car: Get Your Car Sold in No Time

If you are looking for a way to , these steps for selling a used car in Ontario will help make your life easier. The used car market is overheating and shows no signs of slowing down.


Until carmakers are able to produce enough cars to meet current demand, which is not likely, at least until 2023, the demand for used cars will grow.


Since there is a limited number of cars available in the global marketplace, you should ask yourself whether you can live without the used car you are thinking about selling.


If you need cash but still want to keep the car, you might consider a title loan. These loans carry high-interest rates, and if you don’t repay the debt as agreed, they could take your vehicle.


But if you repay the loan, the car remains in your possession; we just wanted to make you aware of the options that are available.


If you can live without the vehicle, then you can begin getting it ready to sell.


Getting your used car ready for sale


The first of our steps for selling a used car in Ontario is Download the used car sales kit from the Government of Ontario if you don’t already have it. Technically and legally, you cannot sell your used car without this kit, so why not download it now?


There is a document checklist that you have to go through, was the loan for the vehicle paid in full?


The lender who gave you the loan to buy the car would have registered a lien against the vehicle. When the loan was paid in full, the lien should have been removed, and the lender would have sent you a letter informing you the loan was paid in full.


You need this letter, as no serious buyer will make an offer unless you can prove the car has no active liens. One option is doing a title search, but that costs money and takes time to complete.


Finding the right places to advertise your used car for sale


There are obvious places like Autotrader and Kijiji where you can list your used car for sale, but you should consider alternative platforms.


One place to advertise your used vehicle is social media. Social media has marketplaces where you can list your vehicle for free. You will get some lowball offers on social media, but you want to maximize the number of platforms where your advertisement can be found.


Shortcut when you are in a hurry


There is a shortcut available when you want to sell your used car quickly, and if you don’t have time to allocate to selling your car, then this approach would make the most sense.


Bring your used car to a dealership in your area and get it appraised. The appraisal will let you know what the car is worth, and the dealership will make a cash and trade-in offer. You can take the cash offer and walk out with cash in hand.


This approach is a great option, but you will not get 100% of the car's fair market value; the dealership will resell it and needs a margin to turn a profit.


If you’re looking to sell your car, we’d love to buy it for a great price! Simply fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP! 


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