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AODA Policy

Accessible Customer Service Policy


  • The Car Nation Canada Family of Dealership’s (The Dealerships) respectfully acknowledges the independence, dignity, integration and equal opportunity afforded to those with disabilities.
  • With that in mind, the purpose of this Policy is to promote continuous improvement in customer service by ensuring The Dealerships provides a professional sales and service environment that is accessible to all persons, including those with disabilities.



  • This policy applies to all employees within The Dealerships and will outline the steps taken to ensure we continue to provide excellent customer service.



  • The Dealerships recognize that persons with disabilities may need assistance in various ways to gain access to the services we provide. This assistance can include, but may not be limited to:
  • Assistive Devices such as walkers, wheelchairs, canes, etc.
  • Communication needs such as visual, audio, sensory, etc.
  • Service animals such as seeing-eye-dogs, etc. 
  • Personal support such as a relative, a PSW (personal support worker), etc.
  • As a service provider, The Dealerships are committed to accommodating all persons with disabilities and their companions by any means reasonable.
  • Furthermore, we will provide appropriate training to our employees to ensure compliance with this policy and our legal obligations under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). 
  • If there is a situation that occurs which prevents The Dealerships from being able to provide appropriate accessibility to all customers, we will post notifications at all customer entrances.  This notification will provide details of the reason for the disruption, what is being done in the interim and what the expected duration of the disruption is. 
  • To ensure the continued development of this policy The Dealerships shall make this policy available to any person who may request it. Any requests shall be fulfilled in a manner acceptable to the person requesting. This may be by using larger fonts or an audio version of this policy delivered in MP3 format. All of which shall be made available on The Dealerships’ website.
  • The Dealerships also acknowledges that customers may wish to provide us with feedback based on our policy or service. The Dealerships encourage any person wishing to do so by emailing The Dealerships at HR@carnationcanada.com or completing a Feedback Form obtained from the receptionist. All forms shall be submitted to the HR department and the response given shall take into account the person’s disability and how best to address the situation.




  • All Car Nation Canada employees shall be made aware of their duties and responsibilities described herein. All Car Nation Canada employees shall acknowledge their understanding of the policy by signing the approved Acknowledgement form.
  • Anyone who feels they require further instruction on their duties or responsibilities described in this policy shall inform their supervisor/manager and instruction shall be given within a reasonable time limit. 
  • This policy shall be made available on the Car Nation Canada Intranet for all employees to review. Furthermore, all new employees shall be given information on the policy and key points that apply to them. 
  • Relevant information on the policy shall be discussed during safety/staff meetings.



  • The Joint Health and Safety Committees shall review and evaluate this policy for its effectiveness and give suggestions for improvements at least annually. They will summarize their findings in the meeting minutes and put forth any recommendations they feel necessary.


Acknowledgements Successes/Make Improvements:

  • Acknowledgement of successes or plans for improvements shall be communicated through the HR Department and the General Managers meetings.


Resourced Legislation:

  • AODA


Contact Information:

  • Human Resources