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How To Finance a Car With Bad Credit: Quick & Easy Guide

How To Finance a Car With Bad Credit: Quick & Easy Guide

A bad credit car loan doesn’t have the best name in the world but it’s designed to get you a loan to keep you mobile even when you don’t have the best credit in the world. We asked our auto loans team to explain the process of how to finance a car with bad credit. It’s quick, easy and painless!

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How to Finance a Car Loan With Bad Credit

The main good news is that the process for applying for a bad credit car loan is almost identical to applying for a standard loan.


The main difference is that the lender will look more closely at your situation to make sure you can afford the loan and won’t default. It’s not personal, just business.


The process goes a little like this:


  • Check Your Credit Score: Before you apply for the loan, you need to make sure you’re in a position to qualify should you apply. First check your credit score. Lenders will do this early so it’s useful to know where you are. If you have time, you can do what you can to improve your score. If you don’t have time, you’ll know what you’re dealing with. You can get a free credit report every 6 months with Equifax.


  • Down Payment: Down payments aren’t mandatory to finance a car loan with bad credit but we always recommend them if you have the money. Not only do they reduce the amount you want to borrow, they also help a lender make a decision. If you’re putting your own money down, they are more reassured that you don’t intend to default.


  • Set a Budget: Use the amount of down payment and an auto loan calculator to see how much you could comfortably afford to borrow. Have a play around with loan terms and amounts until you come up with something you could live with over that term.


CNC How Much to spend on a car


Get Pre-Qualified: Auto loan prequalification is a simple process that establishes whether you are likely to be approved for the loan you’re asking for. It uses a soft inquiry on your credit report so won’t be visible to anyone else. Use the budget you set above to see what kind of rates you would get on a loan if you applied for it.


Get Your Paperwork Together: All loan applications require paperwork. You’ll need proof of ID and address, proof of income, proof of any savings or investments, proof of existing debts, or anything you mention on your loan application. Plus 3 months of bank statements to tie everything together.


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There is absolutely no reason why less-than-perfect credit should stop you from doing anything and bad credit car loans are a case in point.


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