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How Aftermarket Modifications Impact a Car's Value

How Aftermarket Modifications Impact a Car's Value

If you have aftermarket modifications or parts on your car, it may impact the future resale value. That isn’t designed to put you off doing it, as you’re free to do what you like. But it is designed to make you aware that you may not get the value you think is right when it comes time to sell.


Before we get into details, it’s important to point out that we’re not just talking about adding privacy glass or upgrading the wheels here. We’re talking adding body kits, vinyl wraps, trunk spoilers and more involved modifications.


We buy cars of all shapes and sizes!


Aftermarket modifications and valuation


Some modified cars can look amazing. The scene around Ontario has some seriously good modified cars. High quality body kits, slammed suspension, custom paint jobs or wraps and lots of amazing design flourishes to enjoy and appreciate.


Some of them aren’t quite so good.


Like everything in life, if you the job properly, you can reap the rewards. If you don’t do it properly, you won’t get the full benefit.


It’s the same here.


Modified cars are tough to value. They are more desirable in some circles because of how well they have been done.


But they are a lot less desirable in the mainstream because modifying cars is a niche.


You could spend $10-20,000 on modifications but you would never see that back in the value. In fact, you may have trouble selling the car at all unless you know people in the scene.


The majority of buyers don’t want modified cars, so their future resale value is impacted. Yet, people from the scene place a very high value on them if they have been well done.


That’s why valuing modified cars is so difficult.


Selling a modified car


As we said at the top. We buy used cars for cash but we don't often buy heavily modded cars and trucks.


The average Unique Chrysler customer isn’t looking for a modified car. They may want a 300 with privacy glass and black wheels, but that would be it.


Your market is limited but once you find that market, you could find huge interest in what you have done.


We recommend using the internet. Find custom car forums, manufacturer forums with a mod section or specialist custom car websites.


That type of website has your market as fans and will be much more likely to want what you have.


Valuing will still be a challenge though. The base model of your car may be worth a certain amount but the work you put into it costs a lot more. We know you don’t do what you do for financial return, but it would be nice to get something back for your investment!


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