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Car Selling Fees In Canada: What To Expect When Selling a Car

Car Selling Fees In Canada: What To Expect When Selling a Car

Selling your car privately is a popular way of making a little money and some space for a new car, but it doesn’t come without a cost. We talk about the time cost of setting up the ad and handling viewings but we don’t often talk about the car selling fees involved.


We asked our auto loans team to outline just how much it costs to list and sell a car privately. You might be surprised at just how much cost is involved with car selling fees!


Selling Your Car Privately

We know that there is a definite time cost to selling a car privately. Taking pictures, writing the ad, answering questions, handling viewing and of course, the test drive.


But what about listing fees?


Selling a Car on EBay

eBay currently has free listings for individuals selling cars privately. For cars up to $2,000 in value, there’s a $60 fee when it’s sold. If the car sells for more than $2,000, that fee more than doubles to $125!


That’s without the optional upgrades like bold fonts, adding Buy it Now and setting a reserve price.


Selling a Car on Auto Trader

Selling a car on Auto Trader is currently free with paid upgrades if your car costs less than $1,000. Cars that cost more cost between $25 and $90 to list.


Fees seem to vary and Auto Trader doesn’t exactly make it easy to find out how much it costs. It’s only when you dive into the ad itself that you see the tiers of ad placement and their relative costs.


Selling a Car on Kijiji

Selling a car on Kijiji is free if you’re just selling one or two cars. Post more and you’ll need to pay. Otherwise, it’s free of charge.


This works out well for private sales as not many of us have more than two cars to sell!


Selling a Car on Craigslist

Selling a car on Craigslist costs a flat $5 fee for cars and trucks in most provinces. This is a fair price considering listing most other items is free.


There are well documented issues with selling anything on Craigslist and most of us are aware that the cost of listing anything on the site can be a lot more than a few dollars!


Selling a Car to a Dealership

Selling a car to a dealership is free as long as you use a reliable dealership like Unique Chrysler.


Simply make an appointment to have the car appraised, relax and have a coffee while we do our thing and accept the valuation if you’re happy with it. We’ll handle the paperwork and pay into your bank right away.


No hassle, no fees, no worries!


Considering the downsides of selling privately, the time, the effort and the potential risk, we think selling your car to a dealership makes the most sense. Especially when you see how competitive our prices are!


Contact Unique Chrysler for help, advice and competitive Puslinch car finance and leasing.


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