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The Best Ways to Sell your Car in Canada

The Best Ways to Sell your Car in Canada

If you are thinking about selling your car, our suggestions will level the playing field.


Location, Location, Location


Where you live in Canada will have a direct impact on the best ways to sell your car. If you are living in Nunavut, the number of prospective car buyers will be very limited, so you won't be receiving too many offers if any at all.


On the flip side, if you live in the GTA, there are so many cars for sale that you will need to work hard to make your car stand out.


Creating a professional-looking advertisement


Some people just take a single picture and write a blurb about the car. You are selling an expensive piece of equipment so invest some time writing a concise description of the car.


Along with the description, you also need to include pictures of the interior, exterior including any damage. The more information you provide now, the less time you will have to waste with tire kickers.


When listing your price, be firm with it. You will come across people who will offer ridiculously low numbers that are not worth your time.



Things to keep in mind


Another thing to watch out for is people who say they want to buy the car but cannot meet in person. They will send you a “cheque” by courier and their “friend” will pick up the car.


This cheque will take a couple of weeks to clear because it would be from another country like the U.S.A. this is all premeditated.


These scammers know the cheque is no good but you will not realize it for quite some time and when you do find out, the car will be long gone.


Insist on meeting people in person and only accept cashier's cheques or bank drafts. Also, ask the person buying the car for a copy of their driver's license. Any legitimate person will have no problems showing you their ID.


Make sure your car is intact


With the price of catalytic converters reaching epic highs, you should check the bottom of your vehicle to make sure it is fully intact.


If you are not sure whether your catalytic converters are still on the car, you will know by the loud sound coming from your exhaust. The last thing you want to do is try and sell a car that doesn’t have catalytic converters, it will fail emission tests and drive down the resale value of the car.


Save time and grief


The surest way to get a fair price for your car and get paid for it is to work with a reputable dealership in your area.


These dealerships are in the business of buying/selling cars. They have the cash on hand to buy your car and they will make the entire experience a very pleasant one.


Unless you enjoy wasting time, money, and running the risk of coming across scammers you should do yourself a favor and contact your local car dealership.  The sooner you heed this advice the sooner you can get some cash in your hand and move on with your life.


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