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Simple Financial Advice For 2021 In Halton

Simple Financial Advice For 2021 In Halton

It’s the new year and while it still contains some of the anxiety of last year, it’s still an opportunity to look forward with confidence and positivity. What better way to start the new year than by learning some useful, simple financial advice for 2021?


That’s where we can help.


We discuss budgeting a lot and with good reason. It’s a simple way to manage finances and know exactly what you have to pay and when to pay it.


Here is some simple financial advice for 2021 that you can try to improve your financial life.


Set up online accounts for every organization


Most lenders, utilities and companies you need to pay will have the facility to set up online accounts. Use them and set up automatic payments for every outgoing you can.


If you can set the day on which you pay, set it for a day or two after you get paid. That way, you are unlikely to spend your salary beforehand and will know exactly what you have left after that day.


Set reminders for other payments


For those payments you cannot manage online, set a calendar event or other type of reminder. Set it for the day before or whenever is convenient so you never miss a payment.


Set a mental rule to pay there and then, or as soon as possible once that reminder goes off.


Create an emergency fund


Even if you can only afford to put a few dollars away each month, do it. It will grow over time and could save a lot of heartache should something happen.


You can use it for emergencies like a boiler failure or car repairs. You can keep it for personal or home improvement. You can put it towards a new car or do whatever you want with it.


Just do whatever you can to save for a rainy day.


Create a budget spreadsheet


Even the simplest budget spreadsheet can make a difference to your financial wellbeing. Seeing in black and white what is coming in and what is going out can make a huge difference to your financial life.


You can quickly identify outgoings you don’t need or can live without. You can better forecast future savings or plan for upcoming expenses.


A budget doesn’t have to be complicated or in-depth. As long as it shows what comes in and what goes out, it can help.



Track your spending


Tracking your spending habits can help you maintain control or avoid going over budget. We all have overdrafts but they aren’t cheap to use and living in them is never a good idea.


Track what you spend each month and you can quickly see where your money is going. If you need to make savings, you will be able to see where to cut where it’s least painful. For that alone it is worth doing!


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