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Why you Should Sell your Car to a Dealership in Halton

Why you Should Sell your Car to a Dealership in Halton

The prospect of buying a new car is exciting. You’re going to be driving something new, you may be upgrading and buying something faster or more luxurious. But what about your old car? Should you sell your car to a dealership or privately.


Our Halton auto loans team outlines several reasons why you should trade or sell your car to a dealership over selling privately. While we aren’t exactly unbiased, we think it makes the most sense.


Here’s why.


Faster and easier


If you’re in the dealership looking at new cars, why not have someone appraise your old car while you’re looking at new ones? It’s an efficient use of time, means you don’t have to visit twice or spend hours looking at new cars and then hours trying to sell your old one.


When it does come time to trade it in, you can do it quickly and safely in the comfort of the dealership.


Great prices


Everyone used to know that if you wanted the most of your car, you sold privately and if you wanted convenience, you traded it in. Those lines are blurred now, as dealerships are now offering much closer to market rate than ever before.


A strong used car market and people keeping their cars for longer have both contributed to a lack of used inventory. Dealerships are now paying more for good quality used cars than ever before to make up that inventory.


That’s great news for you if you’re planning on trading in!


Much less stress


Selling a car privately is a hassle. You may have more platforms than before but the process takes time and energy. You have to prepare the ad, take the pictures, answer queries, take calls, arrange viewings and test drives and cope with tire kickers and test pilots.


Even if you ignore the risk of fraud or theft, selling a car privately can take a lot of time and energy.


You don’t have any of that when you sell to a dealership. We are fair, transparent and we certainly aren’t going to steal your car!


Fast, guaranteed payments


Payment is a big part of selling a car. Do you pay cash, take a cheque, pay through the bank or pay using a card? Selling privately has its own risks like bounced cheques, payment reversals, counterfeit cash and other hazards.


No such risks when you sell to a dealership. Agree a price, sign the contract and we’ll pay into your bank or take the money off your new car. It’s fast, simple and risk-free!


We aren’t trying to scaremonger here when discussing selling your car privately. These are all real risks and something every seller has to be aware of.


The same as all those benefits of selling to a dealership you should be aware of too!


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