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How Long Does it Take to Fix Credit Score in Canada?

How Long Does it Take to Fix Credit Score in Canada?

So how long does it take to fix credit score in Canada? Much depends on the situation and the score. The lower the score, the more time it will taker to repair. But you can begin repairing it right away.


We deal with many customers with less than perfect credit. Often through no fault of their own. It doesn’t carry the stigma it once did but we don’t believe anybody wants to be in this position.


How Long Does it Take to Fix Credit Score?


The earlier you begin the rebuilding process, the faster you’ll begin seeing the benefits.


Expect to spend a minimum of 6-12 months rebuilding credit. The lower the score, the longer this will take.


There are a few simple ways you can begin rebuilding credit:


how to Improve Credit Score


Get Organized


Organizing all debt is the first priority. Create a spreadsheet with all debt on it and arrange them so the highest interest rates are at the top. These are the debts to pay once any defaults or debts you’re behind on are paid.


Once you’re paying off debt, prioritizing expensive debts means you will be paying a lot less interest than you should. We need to pay off as much of the principal, i.e., the amount you borrowed, and not the interest as possible.


Create & Use a Budget


As part of the previous step, create a budget within that spreadsheet that covers all incomings and outgoings. Make sure it’s as accurate as possible so you have a clear picture of where you are.


If you can identify some quick savings, do so. Any savings you make should be put towards paying off those debts as quickly as possible.


50 30 20 budget rule


Make any savings you can without impacting your lifestyle too much. The more debt you have, the more savings you should make.


Don’t cut so much that life is just about working and repaying. That is not sustainable. Rebuilding credit is a marathon and not a sprint.


Regain Control


A budget and a list of debts is a way to help provide a clear picture of your situation in order to regain control. You need this control tin order to rebuild everything and improve your financial situation and lifestyle as much as rebuild your credit score.


Stick to your budget as much as possible. Repay debts as quickly as possible and your credit score will gradually improve.


We aren’t going to pretend it’s easy because we know it isn’t. What rebuilding credit is, is a process. One that takes time, sacrifice and dedication but one that is essential if you are to rebuild your credit and take control of finance.


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