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How do Halton Car Loans Work Exactly? In-Depth Guide

How do Halton Car Loans Work Exactly? In-Depth Guide

If you have never borrowed money before or have always paid cash for your cars, the world of auto loans may seem a little confusing at first. It’s simple once you understand what’s going on though.


We asked our Halton auto loans team to outline the very basics of auto loans, how they work, how to qualify and how to successfully pay it off.

How to Halton Car Loans Work?


Auto loans are simple. You borrow a fixed amount over a fixed term at a fixed interest rate.


The loan is secured on the car and that car will only be truly yours once the loan is paid off.


Make all your payments on time and you’re free and clear after the final payment. Miss a payment or more than one and the lender can take action, including repossessing the car.


While auto loans are fixed, most allow you to overpay or settle early if your circumstances change.


Preparing for an auto loan in Halton


Like most things in life, an auto loan is mainly about the preparation. Research, preparing paperwork, budgets and all those things that mean car shopping is a much more enjoyable experience.


Here’s what you need to do.


Check your credit score


Lenders use your credit score to assess whether you’re a low or high risk borrower.


The higher your score, the lower your perceived risk and the more likely you are to be given the loan. You’ll get a lower interest rate too.


Lower credit scores will be assessed more closely but can still qualify. The interest rates will be higher as you are perceived to be a higher risk.


Check your paperwork


You will need paperwork to qualify for the loan.


You will need proof of ID, of address, proof of income and earnings, proof of any savings, bank statements to show your income and outgoings and perhaps other paperwork too depending on your situation.


The lender will assess your application and use that paperwork to verify what you say is true. It’s nothing personal, it’s just how the system works.


Get prequalified for the auto loan


Auto loan prequalification helps you find out if you could afford the amount you want to borrow and shows you how much it will cost over the term of the loan and each month.


Prequalification uses a soft inquiry on your credit report so won’t make a difference to your score.


Auto loan preapproval is a step further. It’s like getting a quote for a loan and should only be used once you have a good idea that you might like to apply for the loan.


Preapproval uses a hard inquiry on your credit report, which other lenders can see and can ding your score slightly.


That’s why we only recommend using them when you’re ready to get a loan.


Work with auto loan experts


Once you have prepared your paperwork, have an idea of what you could borrow and a budget, it’s time to work with the experts.


Our Halton auto loans team has vast experience in helping new borrowers qualify for car loans and in securing competitive rates.


Come see what we can do for you!


Contact Unique Chrysler for help, advice and competitive Halton car finance and leasing.


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