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Getting a Car Loan With a New Job

Getting a Car Loan With a New Job

We see this situation a lot. You get a new job and need a car to get to work but as you’re in a new job, you don’t qualify for a car loan. Fortunately, that’s no longer an issue.


Our Waterdown car loan team work with a selection of lenders willing to provide great value car loans even if you have only just started a new job. So that old quandary is now a thing of the past!

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Car Loans for New Employees


Under normal circumstances, mainstream lenders want you to have been in your job for at least a year to be confident lending to you. Some lenders will reduce that to three months, but not many.


Unless you know the right lenders that is.


We have access to a selection of specialist lenders who know that getting a new start can be a wondrous thing and are willing to help you on that road. Literally.


If You've Had Your Job for 1 Year


If you have had your job for a year or more and have a good credit score, you can access car loans from most mainstream lenders. The main banks, specialist lenders, online lenders and anyone who provides car loans will usually be willing to work with out.


If You've Had Your Job for 3-11 Months


If you have had your job for between 3 months and a year, some lenders won’t want to lend. Some we know will accept car loan applications for new starters and we can help you with that.


You will need a decent down payment and good credit score though as your application will be carefully scrutinized!


If You've Had Your Job for 24 Hours


Just started a new job? Been in post only a day or two? Believe it or not, getting a car loan with a new job is still possible!


You will need a good credit score, a down payment and your job offer letter. You’ll also need proof of savings, income, ID and all that good stuff. As long as your credit score is good enough to qualify for the loan, we know of a couple of lenders willing to provide car finance to new starters.


As with other types of car loan, the higher your credit score and the higher the down payment, the higher your chances of getting the loan.


That said, if you have bad credit, we have access to an impressive selection of bad credit car loans for people in all kinds of situations. Just contact one of our team for assistance!


We’re glad the financial industry has adapted to the changing way we live and earn. The old ways of working 9-5 and having a job for life are long gone and its high time banks and financial institutions kept up.


It just shows, when you work with the right people, anything is possible!

If you're ready for a car loan, we'd love to help with that! simply fill in the form below to get started.

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