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Continuing to Serve Existing Jeep Cherokee Owners

We're waving goodbye to a legend here at Unique Chrysler. After 40 years of carving its path through every kind of terrain, the Jeep Cherokee won't be gracing our lot after the 2023 model year. It's a bittersweet farewell, but Jeep's gotta keep pushing boundaries, right?

The good news? The Cherokee's adventurous spirit isn't going anywhere. Jeep's lineup is packed with amazing options, from the Wrangler's unstoppable off-road chops to the Grand Cherokee's smooth ride for everyday thrills. We're confident we can find the perfect Jeep to match your next adventure.

Swing by the dealership or check out our online inventory. We might still have a few new Cherokees left, and our team is ready to help you discover your next Jeep adventure!