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Will Electric Cars Replace Gas Cars? Your Questions Answered

Will Electric Cars Replace Gas Cars? Your Questions Answered

Canadians wondering will electric cars replace gas cars? The short answer is “yes,” but it will take some time.


There are over 35 million vehicles on the road in Canada right now, and most of them are petrol-powered.


It is going to take some time before electric cars replace gas cars completely but it will happen eventually.


Some people may say that electric cars are a fad and won’t last because it was tried in the past; while electric cars were made in the past, they lacked the battery technology to compete with gasoline. However, that limitation is no longer in place.


Should your next car be an EV or hybrid?


Are you in the market for a new vehicle? The car market in Canada is on fire, especially with inflation in Canada nearing runaway status.


If you are having a tough time making ends meet, you are not alone. One way you can help save money is by swapping out your current vehicle for a more fuel-efficient hybrid or an EV.


Ideally, you should purchase an EV that frees you from your dependence on gasoline completely.


However, there are certain situations where owning an EV in Canada does not make practical sense, at least not for the short term.


  • If you are living in a remote area of Canada, where there are no charging stations in place or they are great distances apart, then owning an EV may not be a good choice at the moment. In that type of situation, you should opt for a hybrid; barring that situation, though, you should get yourself behind the wheel of an EV.


Things to consider when buying an EV


While the asking price on new EVs is coming down, the starting prices are in the $30k plus range, so you will need to have a reliable source of income and stable credit.


Suppose you do not have a credit score in the high 600s. In that case, you may face some challenges securing the financing necessary. Still, we will show you how to overcome that in a bit.


You should look at the total amount of driving you do in the run of a year. Now look at your average fuel consumption per 100KM, and multiply that total amount by two dollars per liter (gas prices are already well above $2 per liter).


This is the total amount of money you will spend on fuel, and it will increase with each passing day.


Now take an EV and look at what it will cost you to drive the same distance; the savings is truly remarkable and well worth your consideration.


The money you will save on gas is not the only benefit; EVs have fewer moving parts which means less maintenance on your end.


How to buy an EV when your credit is less than perfect


Reach out to a local dealership in your area and explain your situation; they will review your credit profile and let you know how to improve your credit score.


The same dealership will also help you find the EV that works for your budget and needs. EVs are here to stay, so you should take advantage of all the benefits it provides sooner rather than later.


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