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What Canadians need to know about the latest generation of all-electric vehicles

What Canadians need to know about the latest generation of all-electric vehicles

A little over 100 hundred years ago (we weren’t alive, so we need to take the historical account as a matter of fact), people had to make a decision about whether to mass-produce electric-powered cars or gas-powered. At that time, battery technology was not able to address the range anxiety that everyone has these days.

The issues with range anxiety are no longer prevalent; unless you are living in the most rural areas of Canada, a hybrid car will make sense. The majority of Canadians can own an EV and never have to worry about being stranded because their vehicle has no energy.

Level 1, 2 and 3 charging stations

Electricity prices are stable, at least more stable than gas prices which have gotten out of hand as of late. With EVs, there are three types of charging or charging stations.

  • Level 1 charging runs off your 120V AC home outlet, the same one you would use to power your TV or laptop. It will take a considerable amount of time to recharge your EV from empty to full. This trickle charging is by far the safest for your battery because it does not place much strain on the batteries.
  • Level 2 charging uses 240V; this is similar to the type of plug used to power your clothes dryer or electric stove. This provides roughly 40KM of range per hour of charging, so you can plug in your car at night, and it will be fully charged in the morning.
  • Level 3 is fast charging; these are found at gas stations and a variety of different locations. These are an option when you are going on long-distance trips or don’t have home charging available.

There is no shortage of charging options, so you don’t have to feel stressed about not being able to access electricity to power your vehicle, even in the Winter when it is –30 in some parts of Canada.

EV car prices are competitively priced

When most people hear EV, they think of Tesla, which charges a premium for their vehicle, but this is not the only EV option or even the best option.

The major carmakers have rolled out their second-generation EVs, which can compete with Tesla in range and are more affordable.

If you were to conduct an apples-to-apples price comparison, the EV would come out on top, especially if you factor in the maintenance costs that come with owning a gas-powered car.

When you have an EV, you will never have to worry about losing engine coolant, timing belts, or any of the hundreds of points of failure that come with owning a gas-powered car.

Securing the best financing terms on your new EV

While the internet is the best place to do your research when it comes time to actually make a purchase, don’t try to arrange financing on your own.

The best option is working with a car dealership in your area; the dealership will already have the best financing options available and will help you find the EV that is best suited for your needs.

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