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The 4 Ways to Sell a Car in Ontario [2022] Which is Best?

The 4 Ways to Sell a Car in Ontario [2022] Which is Best?

If you need to make a little money and have a car to sell, you have four main ways to sell a car in Ontario. That’s what we’re talking about today.


Your main options are:


  1. Sell your car privately
  2. Sell your car online
  3. Scrap the car
  4. Sell your car to a dealership


Sell your car privately


A common option is to sell the car privately. That would usually mean advertising it in your local paper, store window or using word of mouth.


You’ll get the most money using this method but it requires the most effort.


You’ll also need to prepare the car for sale, take lots of pictures to show prospective buyers and place the ad and manage inquiries.


The benefits of selling privately are that you’ll get the highest price. The downsides are that you’ll need to deal with tire kickers, test pilots and timewasters.


Sell your car online


Selling your car online is becoming increasingly popular. You can use car listings like AutoTrader, eBay, Craigslist and any local sites in your area.


You can also use car buying services that offer online valuations.


You’ll still need to prepare the car for sale though, the same as you would using most of these methods.


The upside is that you can manage everything online. You’ll still need lots of pictures and to write an ad, and to handle those inquiries though.


If you use a car buying service, you’ll also need to have the car manually appraised and be on your guard to overcome their usual efforts to beat down the price.


Scrap the car


If you’re driving a clunker, scrapping it may be the best thing to do. Best for you, for other road users and best for the environment.


Granted, this would be the minority of used cars but you should see some of them we get in for appraisal!


The upside is that it’s a zero effort activity. Some scrap dealers will come collect the car for you. Others will want you to take it to them.


Otherwise, you only need to remove personal items from it before it’s stripped or crushed ready for recycling.


Sell it to a dealership


We saved the best until last. One of the easiest and overall best ways to sell a car in Ontario is now to sell it to a dealership.


Selling cars this way has increased in popularity over the years thanks to better prices and increasing risks in private sales.


You’ll still need to prepare the car for sale, clean it up, fix any minor issues and prepare it like you would a private sale though.


But then instead of timewasters or those who want something for free, you’ll deal with professionals.


Professionals who treat you with respect and pay in cash!


Selling to a dealership used to be only for when you were part exchanging for a new car.


Times have changed.


Dealerships now offer close to market rate for good quality used cars and pay direct into your bank the same day.


No payment anxiety, no having to deal with the general public and none of the hassles associated with selling your car privately.


What’s not to like?


If you’re looking to sell your car, we’d love to buy it for a great price! Simply fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP! 


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