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How to Sell your Car to a Dealership in Glen Morris

How to Sell your Car to a Dealership in Glen Morris

It’s easier than ever to sell your old car to a dealership. Recent changes in the marketplace and how dealerships work now means we’ll pay higher prices and still deliver the benefits selling to a dealer provides.


That said, we also want you to get the most out of the deal, which is why our Glen Morris auto loans team outlines some tips for when you sell your car to a dealership.


We hope they help!


Appearance matters


You know from your own experience that appearance counts and it’s the same for your car. If we see a dirty car with trash-filled interior, filthy glass, sticky seats and dirt everywhere, we aren’t going to want to pay top dollar for it.


On the other hand, if the car is well presented, has been thoroughly cleaned inside and out and even under the hood, we’ll be much more prepared to pay.


View the car as a buyer before bringing it in


Talking of emotional attachments, when you spend so much time with someone or something, you can become blind to its real condition. Make a conscious effort to view the car as a buyer would view it so you can see what needs attention and what doesn’t.


If you see obvious marks in the paintwork, buff them out. If you see big scratches or other defects, fix them. Interior dirt and stains and anything you missed on your first check should quickly become apparent.


Make minor repairs


There’s a balance to be struck between spending money on a car you’re about to sell and taking a hit because there’s unresolved damage to the car.


That’s a balance you’ll have to figure out yourself but we recommend making minor repairs yourself. We mean repairing dents, dings or scratches, changing wiper rubber, changing any worn out tires or any cracked hoses.


Anything more major can be left to us as we have the workshop and experts to do the work.


Set a realistic value


When you’re planning to sell the car, set your expectations according to the market and not your emotional attachment to the car. If you have owned the car for a while and have gone through a lot together, the value you place on it may not be reflective of market value.


Check what the same car is worth elsewhere online. Get an online valuation and check several used car websites to get an idea of value.


Use that as the ballpark figure to work with but don’t set it in stone. Prices are always negotiable, whether you’re selling privately or to a dealership.


Make an appointment


Most dealership will gladly accommodate walk-ins but the entire process goes much more smoothly if you make an appointment. We can set time aside just for you, book time with an appraiser to check your car and give you the attention you deserve.


You don’t have to make an appointment if you’re driving by but we do recommend it.


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