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The unofficial guide to selling used cars in Ontario

The unofficial guide to selling used cars in Ontario

If you are looking for a simple, no-nonsense approach to selling your used car in Ontario, you are in the right place.

We have compiled the key things you must do when trying to sell your used car; if you follow this outline, you will be able to get the most money for the least amount of effort.

Are there any liens on your used car?

Before we can take a deeper dive into how to sell your used car, we need to make sure you can legally sell it.

A lien is a legal claim someone has on your property, in this case, your vehicle.

The lender would send you a letter stating its lien was removed when you paid off your car loan.

Without the lien release, you are not going to get any serious offers from legitimate buyers.

Making your used car shine

There are special filters you can use on your smartphone to make your used car stand out.

These filters are helpful, but you still need to clean both the interior and exterior of the car. It may cost you a few dollars and some elbow grease, but your car will attract more potential buyers.

Picking the right pricing point

You will need to give some thought to the asking price for your used car.

If you asked ten random people what they would pay for your used car, they would give you 10 different prices.

One method that you should consider using is going to platforms like Kelly Blue Book and noting the asking price for similar vehicles.

Do not take the first price you see but look for an average, and you cannot go wrong. While you may be tempted to quote the highest possible price, there is a limit to what potential buyers are willing to pay for a car, even though the market is on fire.

When you keep your pricing in line with everyone else, you stand a better than average chance of receiving multiple offers for your used car.

Best places to advertise your used car

There are numerous websites where you could advertise your used car, but the majority of those platforms do not attract the right type of buyer.

You should consider listing your used car on AutoTrader and Kijiji Autos. Both of these platforms attract many visitors.

The easiest way to sell your used car for quick cash in Ontario

We have saved the best for last; when looking for the fastest way to sell your used car for cash, you should bring your vehicle to your local car dealership.

These dealerships are going to make a cash offer for the car based on their appraisal.

This no-hassle option is great when you want to sell a used car but don’t want any of the headaches that come with it.

You should contact your local Ontario car dealership today and find out what they are willing to offer for your used car; the amount may surprise you!

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