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The future of EV charging in Ontario

The future of EV charging in Ontario

The future of EV charging in Ontario

If you’ve been thinking about getting an electric vehicle (EV) but you’ve been concerned about where and when you’d be able to charge it, there’s some promising news.

The Ontario government is working on a plan to add more EV charging stations across the province at rest stops, carpool lots, and hubs like hockey arenas and municipal parks.

The $91 million investment is intended to make chargers more accessible to the public across Ontario, supporting the increase in EVs and helping to strengthen the Ontario auto industry.

There is already a network of Ivy Charge stations across Ontario that also offer amenities like coffee or burgers, so you can charge your vehicle and yourself at the same time.  A fast charge at one of these stations can add approximately 150 km of driving after 10-30 minutes of charging and will run you $0.30/minute.  With gas prices hovering around $2.00/ liter, that sounds like a bargain to me.

This new investment in infrastructure goes along with a plan to reduce electricity prices including an ultra-low overnight price plan.  Making charging your vehicle at home over night even more cost-effective than ever.

The province is also looking to provide rural municipalities with the opportunity to apply for provincial funding for the installation of chargers in their communities.  The program seeks to ensure EV chargers are placed at points of interest by allowing community leaders to participate in the process.  This is meant to encourage adoption of electric vehicles outside urban centers.  Which means communities like Jarvis won’t be left on the outs.

If driving range and cost effectiveness have been concerns for you in your decision to invest in an EV, we think these are steps in the right direction, and maybe they’ll help sway you toward an electric future!


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