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Simplest Way to Sell a Used Car in 2022

Simplest Way to Sell a Used Car in 2022

When you sell sell a used car in 2022, you'll want to keep things as simple as possible. There are some key steps you should take to protect yourself, but if you stick with the outline we are going to provide, you will be able to sell your used car with relative ease.


What is the condition of your used car?


If it doesn’t drive at all, then it should be classified as salvage and you could just call a salvage yard for pick up. For the remainder of this conversation, we will work on the premise that the car is roadworthy.


Since we are on whether your vehicle is roadworthy, you should book a vehicle inspection. All vehicles in Ontario must be inspected. If you mention in your used car advertisement that the vehicle just passed the vehicle inspection, it tells prospective buyers that the car is in good enough shape to drive on the road, which increases its perceived value.


Along with getting the vehicle inspected, you should have it professionally detailed. This “detailing” will highlight your vehicle and make the best possible first impression. The upfront costs for these services may seem steep, but the potential upside is worth the investment.


Working out the asking price for your used car


The topic of car valuation is open to vigorous debate. While the manufacturer establishes the asking prices of new cars, used car prices are influenced by the open market.


This is probably your first time pricing a used car, so we’ll give you some pointers. Look at what similar cars are selling for in your area.


A common mistake that rookie sellers make is not pricing the vehicle based on their location. For example, if you live in a rural part of Canada, your price will have to be lower because the number of potential buyers is lower.


Getting the correct paperwork in place


If you live in Ontario, by law you are required to download a used vehicle sales kit. This kit has standardized forms that both you and the prospective buyer must use. You should also get a copy of the lien release to prove the car is paid in full.


When dealing with prospective buyers, you should always meet up in person. Social distancing can make it challenging, but you should never ignore this rule.


The benefit of meeting the buyer in person, they can take the car for a test drive. Buyers who go for a test drive are more likely to buy than those who do not.


If you are in a situation where you need to sell your car fast and can’t wait, head on over to your local car dealership. The dealership is always willing to buy used cars and with the market on fire, you will get top dollar when you sell a used car in 2022.


Selling your used car can be fun and profitable, especially now that you know all of the steps that are involved in the process. Just be sure to deal locally and your chances of having a bad experience are substantially reduced.


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