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Sell your car Dundas

Sell your car Dundas


The warm weather is finally here in Dundas and you’re ready to get out there and enjoy it!  Your car seems like it has other plans.  If your vehicle just doesn’t speak to you the way it once did, perhaps it’s time to sell it.

Selling your car is a big decision, so make sure before you move forward that you have alternative transportation: another car, a bike, transit, or your own two feet.  Don’t sell your car and leave yourself stranded.

You’ve thought it through and you’re ready to sell, so what’s next?  You need to choose how you’re going to do it.  Will you sell online yourself or to a dealership?  Selling privately has traditionally led to receiving a higher offer but can be time-consuming and stressful.  It’s not just posting an ad, it’s fielding the inquiries, weeding out the serious buyers, and setting up appointments with strangers.

Private sales are still the best way to sell customized or classic vehicles because dealers may not be interested in niche products that don’t necessarily have mass appeal.

For some, the risks of selling privately don’t outweigh the rewards of getting that higher offer, or the feeling of having control over who purchases your car.  But if your end goal is to sell your car quickly and safely, selling to a dealership is probably for you.

The easiest and safest way to sell your car in Dundas is to bring it into a dealership.  Simply fill out the appraisal request online and you’ll be contacted with a no-obligation offer to get started on the process!


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