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Simple Tips to Sell your Old Car in Ontario

Simple Tips to Sell your Old Car in Ontario

Used cars are a hot commodity and with a little elbow grease, you could sell your old car in Ontario for an above average price. There is no denying the used car market in Ontario, is on fire but it still helps to follow these simple tips.


What is your car worth?


For the sake of convenience, we are using the word “car” but if you have a truck these tips are effective.


Do you know what your car is worth? This is not a rhetorical question, there is no single authority that sets the prices of used cars. One way to determine what your car is worth is by looking on platforms like AutoTrader.


When looking at the prices that are being quoted on these platforms, take into consideration where you are living. Your geographic location will impact your asking price. If you are living in a rural area of Ontario, the number of prospective buyers is lower than what you would find in Toronto.


How quickly do you need the cash?


Everyone wants their money as soon as possible, however, if you need to sell your old car quickly, you may need to lower your asking price. By having a lower asking price, you should be able to attract enough qualified buyers (There is another way to sell your car quickly but we will touch on that later).


Best way to find qualified buyers


We should differentiate buyers from qualified buyers. A buyer is anyone interested in your car but a “qualified buyer” is someone that has the desire and funds to make the purchase.


You will not find many qualified buyers on social media. Social media is wonderful when you want to chat with people or watch videos but it does not attract serious car buyers.


On the topic of car buyers, you will come across prospective buyers who are located out of the province. The pandemic has made no contact transactions seem normal but you should only deal with local buyers.


There are many risks associated when you deal with out-of-province buyers, so don’t take the chance.


The fastest way to turn your used car into quick cash


We mentioned earlier that there is a way to convert your used car into quick cash. This is not some gimmick, you just need to head over to your local car dealership.


Your neighborhood car dealership is always looking for cars and would love to buy yours. The dealership will conduct a professional appraisal and let you know what your car is worth.


Once the appraisal has been completed, you will have the option of using the used car as a trade-in on a new vehicle or taking the cash. If you take the cash, the dealership will cut a check right away (Dealerships will usually offer more if you take the trade-in option).


If you followed these simple tips, your used car selling experience will go swimmingly. Do not delay though, while used car prices are high, they could drop at any time.


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