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Why you should Sell your Car this Winter in Burlington

Why you should Sell your Car this Winter in Burlington

Spring is always touted as the season of change.  At Unique Chrysler we have reason to believe that winter is a great time to change up your vehicle situation.  If you were thinking about selling your car, let us give you some great reasons to do it now.


Winter is an excellent opportunity for potential buyers to really test out the vehicle.  Problems that may not be apparent in summer months are clear to see in the winter.  Testing the brakes, traction, battery, wipers, and fluid are all obvious things to do in January, whereas in July you may be taken by how shiny the truck is and how smoothly it glides on the highway.


If you put in the effort to make sure your car is clean inside and out (even in the middle of winter!) it shows a potential buyer instantly that this vehicle is well taken care of.  Plus, you’ll stand out from all the other cars on the road.


Do you have winter tires on your truck?  You may be able to get a better offer if you also include your all-season tires in the sale.  Someone buying a car wants peace of mind when making such a large purchase, and you’ve just handed it to them!


If you plan on getting a new car after you’ve sold your old one, winter is also the perfect time for vehicle shopping.  Many dealerships have winter clearance sales to make room for new models, so you have a better chance of securing a great price on that Dodge Ram 2500 you’ve been eyeing for so long.


Winter really is the best time to sell and buy a car in Burlington.  Luckily, we can help you with both!  Sell us your old car and easily apply to finance a new one with us.  All in our dealership and out of the elements.


Take care of those winter blues with us at Unique Chrysler and get in touch with us today!


Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon!


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