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How to Sell your Car Stress Free in Canada

How to Sell your Car Stress Free in Canada

If you wonder when used car prices will return to normal, you are not alone. The pandemic has caused a tremendous amount of upheaval in the economy.


Car prices are at historic highs, and it looks like they will continue to track higher well into 2022. There are a few variables that are driving these high prices, but these high prices do create an opportunity if you have a used car to sell.


We will show you how to sell your car stress free.


Important paperwork you need to settle


You will need to go online and download the Ontario Government used car sales kit. Without that kit, the sales will not go through, so download it now.


After you have downloaded the used car sales kit, you can start creating your advertisement on websites like AutoTrader. There are many websites dedicated to selling cars in Canada. Some of them are more popular than others. You could list your advertisement on all of the websites, but you need to create a compelling ad to catch the attention of prospective buyers.


What makes a great used car ad


The first thing is a great photo. If buyers cannot get a good look at the car, they will not make an offer. You don’t need to buy any special equipment for these photos, the camera on your phone will work fine.


Your description will impact the total number of potential buyers that see the ad. The buyers who use these used car websites don’t actually read every advertisement but just scan them.


To make your ad more “eye-catching,” try to use bullet points and focus on the essential details like mileage. Some buyers like to look at the vehicle's history, so put the VIN on the ad.


Do not put any personal contact information on your ad. Scammers will try to use that information. Prospective buyers can reach you through the website communication dashboard.


When pricing out your used car, try to keep your price relatively low. If your asking price is high, it could take months before you receive an offer. With relatively low prices, you will get more bids and hopefully sell your car quickly.


The fastest way to sell your used car


There is another way you can sell your car stress free, but you will not get the full asking price. You can bring your vehicle to a local car dealership. The dealership will do an appraisal and let you know how much they are willing to pay for the car.


Please remember that the dealership has to resell the car for a profit, so they need to offer you a lower price than what the car is worth. If you accept the offer made by the dealership, you will get paid right away. This is very beneficial when you need cash fast and don’t want to deal with all of the challenges that come with selling a used car for the first time


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