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How To Sell Your Car Quick In Halton

How To Sell Your Car Quick In Halton

Sometimes you just have to sell your car quick. Maybe you're moving away, maybe you’ve got a better car and can't afford to keep both. Maybe you just absolutely hate that car's guts. Whatever your reasons, this article will give you the best tips so you get that car sold as soon as possible.


Clean It Up


It might be annoying or even quite difficult depending on the age and condition of the car but trust us, it's going to be so much easier to sell your car quick if you spend a day cleaning it up.


Start with the big stuff like loose trash and the other random things lying around and work your way down. Vacuum the mats, clean the dash, wash the outside of the car too of course. You won’t be able to make it look brand new, but you can certainly make it look better.


Get The Papers In Order


To sell a car you're going to need some paperwork.


The most important one is obviously the ‘pink slip’ or the car's title document which is what allows you to actually sell it at all. Obviously it's important that you don’t lose that one. But there's some other documents you’ll need to get as well in order to sell your car.


There's a lot of legal stuff to keep in mind when you're selling a car. Luckily Ontario.ca has a handy list to keep track of everything you’ll need like a Bill of Sale, and a UVIP (Used Vehicle Information Package).


Figure Out What Your Car is Worth


You could come up with a price on the spot if you really want to, but if you go too high nobody's going to be willing to take it and if you go too low people are going to be suspicious of “what's wrong with it”. Jump onto AutoTrader, ebay, Kijiji, any other online markets you can think of and search for your exact car. See how much other people are asking for it and set your price accordingly.


If you really need to move it fast then set a little bit below the average, not too low that people get suspicious, just low enough to get noticed first.


Take Nice Pictures

Speaking of getting noticed first, when selling online make sure that you take lots of nice pictures. Your phone should do the job nicely provided it's fairly modern. Make sure it’s a nice day, get any junk out of the background of the shots. You want these to be as appealing as possible.


Don’t Waste Time

When you're selling online via a marketplace you're likely going to attract quite a few folks who aren't worth your time. Scammers, flippers, or just people who want to spend weeks negotiating with you. You can save time by sending everyone to voicemail and only following up with the people you believe are most likely to actually buy the car. If you want, you could set up a free account with Google Voice to keep it separate from your real phone number.


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