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Sell Your Car in Hamilton Ontario: Get a Free Quote Today

Sell Your Car in Hamilton Ontario: Get a Free Quote Today

Selling your old car doesn’t have to be a hassle.  Gone are the days of popping a “for sale” sign in the window and hoping someone wanders by and hands you a wad of cash.  That car could be sitting there for months with no interest.


There are a couple of ways to go about selling a car in Hamilton nowadays.  One involves a fair amount of effort from you, the other involves practically none!


Sell Online via Social Media


You can sell anything on the internet, and a car is no exception.  There are sites aplenty to post your vehicle and field responses.


The burden is on you to make your car look desirable in your online ads.  You’ll need plenty of pictures and a good description.  People will of course want to know the year, make, model.  They’ll also want to know the vehicle’s history: are you the only owner, has it been in any accidents, etc.


You’ll be responsible for responding to inquiries, setting up appointments, and weeding out the tire-kickers from the serious shoppers.


Selling privately in Ontario also requires the seller to purchase a UVIP (Used Vehicle Information Package) for a small fee before they can legally sell the car.


If you have the time to take care of all this, then go for it and sell it yourself!  You may be able to get a slightly higher price than selling to a dealership this way.


Sell to a Dealership


There’s never been a better time to sell to a dealership, and it’s never been easier.  There’s still an ongoing shortage of new and used vehicles in Hamilton, so dealers are paying higher than ever to get cars on the lots.


There’s far less legwork involved in selling to a dealer as well: go online to start the appraisal process then sit back and wait for an offer!  The simplicity makes up for any money you may miss out on by not selling privately.  Remember there’s no guarantee you would even receive a higher offer on the private market.


When you’re thinking about selling your car in Hamilton, the most important factor to consider is what’s best for you.  If you trust your instincts and have the time, selling private could be a good option.  If you want something quick and efficient, selling to a dealer is the way to go.


Remember, at Car Nation Canada Direct we want to make sure you leave happy when you sell us your car.  Get started with the appraisal process today and see how we can help!


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