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3 Things to do when you Sell a Car in Canada [2022]

3 Things to do when you Sell a Car in Canada [2022]

We have put together some strategies you should follow when trying to sell your used car in Canada. If you follow them your chances of having a great result will improve dramatically.


The first thing you need to do is ask yourself whether you can live without the car you plan on selling?


There is a chronic shortage of new and used cars in Canada; if you were planning on selling your used car and using the funds from that sale to finance the purchase of a newer vehicle, you might not be able to find a suitable vehicle.


You should only move forward with the decision to sell your used car if you are confident; you do not need it.


Effective used car pricing methodology


Pricing out used cars is an art; if you get it right, you should receive an ample supply of offers from qualified buyers. One way to determine what your vehicle is worth in the current market is to look at what other cars are selling for on AutoTrader and Kijiji Autos.


When you are gathering the pricing details, note where the cars are being sold. For example, if you live in a rural part of Canada, your asking price needs to be lower than if you lived in a major urban area.


The rationale behind this is the fewer potential buyers you have; the lower your asking price needs to be.


How to write a great used car advertisement


When you have calculated the asking price of your used car, you need to start drafting your advertisement.


Take photos of the car; just make sure you do it on a sunny day, so your car looks amazing.


Your smartphone should have great video capture abilities, so do a walk around your car and also take a video of the engine running. All of this work you are doing now will help enhance your car's curb appeal.


Having impressive photos and videos is going to help your advertisement get noticed. Your text content will also have a direct impact on whether your ad catches the attention of a large number of prospective buyers.


Buyers are busy scouring the ads trying to find the proverbial diamond in the rough, try to use bullet points and simple language.


A simpler way to sell your used car fast


The strategies we broached will help you sell your car, but it will take time before you will get any cash in your hands. However, there is another way to sell your used car fast, bring your vehicle down to your local dealership, and they can make a firm offer.


Before the dealership makes an offer, they will conduct an appraisal and determine the overall value of the car. This offer is all cash, so if you accept it, the dealership is going to pay you right away for the car.


However, the amount of cash you receive will be lower than the car's market value because the dealer is going to take the car and try to resell it for a profit.


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