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Compelling Reasons to Buy an Electric Car in Canada

Compelling Reasons to Buy an Electric Car in Canada

Congratulations on your initiative if you're considering buying an electric vehicle. Most drivers need to be in an EV for the world, or at least North America, to meet its goal of reducing its fuel consumption.


Insufficient uptake of electric vehicles


Much of the pushback against EVs may be traced back to disinformation spread by groups who seek to gain from a slower adoption of EVs.


The two most prominent concerns about EV ownership were related to cost and driving range. Due to production constraints, the average cost of the first generation of electric vehicles on Canadian roads was over $60,000.


Large automakers' production rates for electric vehicles have caught up to those of gas-powered vehicles, bringing the unit cost of EVs down to where they're competitive with conventional cars.


Newer electric vehicles may travel over 500 kilometers (350 miles) on a single charge, eliminating another source of EV buyer angst. The number of public and private charging stations across Canada has also increased significantly.


Choosing the best electric vehicle for you


Although Tesla is often mentioned in the same breath as electric vehicles, they are by no means the only or even the best choice.


Several major automakers, including Ford, have recently released electric cars (EVs) that are worth considering.


You have the advantages of electric vehicle technology plus the peace of mind that comes with purchasing a vehicle from a reputable automaker like Ford. (New EV companies are unable to provide this to potential customers.)


Where to look for the best electric vehicle


The only way to know for sure which EV is best for you is to give a few of them a test drive, no matter how much we talk about their features and functionalities.


Get in touch with a local EV dealership and schedule a test drive to meet the staff (they will be essential in helping you get accepted for financing) and try out the vehicle in person.


These electric vehicles have more torque than comparable gas-powered cars, and most drivers will appreciate the convenience of driving with only one pedal.


Once you've decided on the electric vehicle (EV) you want to buy, the next step is to figure out how to pay for it. You'll need a competitive auto loan because the average entry-level price of an EV is far over $35,000.

If you have less-than-perfect credit but still need to contact the dealership and get things moving, switching to an EV will help you save money on gas and do your part for the environment.

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