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Pros and cons of electric cars

Pros and cons of electric cars

Technology's evolution is significant, and it's growing day by day. Technology has brought about ease in our daily activities and lives at large. One of those advantages of technology is the evolution of electric cars.

Once a fantasy, now they are a reality that will soon be overtaking gas as our main driver.

Cars were innovated for transportation, and technology has taken a step further in giving us electric cars. Ever since the advent of electric cars, different questions have been asked about what advantages are the electric car and are its cons not more than its pros. These are the questions we will be giving answers to as we go on in this article.


  • More Economical: Owning an electric car makes a car more affordable to run as the fuel cost is exempted.

Gas-powered cars use fuel worth $1000 to $2500 a year on average to keep the vehicle on the road. While in comparison, an electric car would cost an average of $300 to $400 to charge per year.

This factor makes a lot of people prefer electric cars to gas-powered cars.

  • Low Operating Cost: When it comes to internal combustion engines, there is a lot of maintenance, from the oil changing yearly to belt replacement.

While on the other hand, there is little or no maintenance at all done to an EV engine. In Canada, it would cost an average of $800 to maintain a gas-using vehicle, while using an electric vehicle helps you cut down the cost.

  • Expanding Charging Stations: Many people harbour the fear of not making their destination on a single charge when embarking on a long journey.

With the Canadian government funding, 50% of any installation cost to companies that install EV chargers; there are now over 15,000 public charging stations that make the journey of an electric car hitch-free.

These factors make people in the city make use of electric cars more.

  • Eco Friendly: Apart from being cost-effective, an electric car is also environmentally friendly as it is seen as the solution to the increasing global pollution.


  • Long Charging Time: Electric cars are well known for their long charging time; to get a full battery, you might have to charge for 15 hours or longer when charging on a 120-volt plug.

Even with a level 2 charger, it will take hours to get an electric car charged, which is not the same with fuel-using vehicles. You can get your tank filled up at the station in 3 to 5 minutes.

  • Initial Cost: A lot of money is saved when buying an ICE vehicle and getting an EV. An EV is bound to cost much more than buying a gas-using vehicle at the initial purchase.

Many people believe that the money will be made back during maintenance and in the fuel cost. However, the initial cost of an EV cannot be overlooked. This is because of its disadvantage, which puts many people off when getting a car.

As you can see, the pros of electric cars far outweigh their cons. With technology improving all the time, the range of availability of chargers will improve to such a degree we’ll all want to go electric.

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