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Preparing to Sell a Car in Ontario Can be Easy: 4 Tips

Preparing to Sell a Car in Ontario Can be Easy: 4 Tips

Ontarians preparing to sell a car have a variety of unique challenges they must overcome. The first thing you must do is order the official used car sales kit, which the Government of Ontario issues.


By law, you cannot sell your used car to another private buyer without this kit; no matter what you may have heard, it costs $20, and you need to have the kit shipped to your home address.


Additional key documents you need to prepare


You will need to prepare some additional documents while you are waiting for the sales kit to come in the mail. You should prepare the service record of the vehicle; this document will show prospective buyers that the car was properly maintained.


If the vehicle was not properly maintained, the buyers would be less likely to pay the full asking price.


If you cannot find those documents, contact the dealership where you had the work performed and ask them for duplicate receipts.


Aside from the service record, you need to provide a copy of the lien release that was sent out when you paid off the loan. This lien release is proof the car is free and clear; prospective buyers will not make an offer if you are not able to provide the official lien release.


Getting your vehicle ready to sell



Buyers will base their decision on whether to make an offer on the vehicle by its appearance. You should bring the car to be professionally detailed.


You could watch detailing videos on YouTube, but most of us do not have the patience to do the required work, so bringing your used car to a professional detailer is both money and time well spent.


Selecting the right platform to advertise your used car


There are many different platforms where you could post your used car for sale, but not all of them are worth your time.


For example, you may be tempted to post your used car on Facebook, and while that is a popular platform for most people, you are not going to attract motivated buyers on Facebook.


The best places to list your used car would be AutoTrader and Kijiji Autos, which are two prominent platforms.


The easiest way to sell your used car


There is a much easier way to sell your used car for cash quickly, but you will need to follow our approach.


First, bring your used car down to your local dealership and sell the vehicle to them.


The dealership will appraise the vehicle to determine the current fair market value and make an all-cash offer based on that.


The dealership is buying your car with the sole intention of reselling it for a profit, so they will not be able to give you the full asking price of the car, but they will surely make a competitive offer.


This is by far the easiest way to turn your used car into quick cash; you should contact your local dealership today and start reviewing the options that are available before prices start to drop.


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