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What Paperwork do you Need for a Copetown Auto loan?

What Paperwork do you Need for a Copetown Auto loan?

Applying for a Copetown auto loan is a painless process but a little preparation can grease the wheels nicely. But what paperwork do you need and what preparation can make the application process go smoothly?


That’s what our Copetown auto loan team want to share today.


What paperwork should you prepare when you’re planning to apply for a car loan?


Personal Details


You’ll need proof of your identity to start with. That will include your name, date of birth, address and sometimes a photo ID. We accept official documentation for all those things, driver’s licence, Canadian Citizenship ID and so on.


Proof of Address


We also need proof of address. This can be a utility bill, tax bill or something official with your address on it. That proof will need to be recent to be accepted, preferably less than 90 days old. The newer the better.


Bank Details


We’ll need your bank details so we can set up the automatic payment for the Copetown car loan. We won’t deposit or take any money but we do need to give the car loan company these details to set up the loan.


We may also need bank statements. Sometimes lenders ask for 3 months’ bank statements to assess your affordability. While they aren’t always necessary, we recommend preparing them in advance so you have them if they are required.


Proof of Income


We will also need proof of your income. A bank statement can show your earnings but we will need to know your employment status. A full time permanent employee is assessed differently than a gig worker or someone who is self employed.


If you have the offer letter or employment contract for your job, bring that too.


If you have other sources of income such as investments, rental income, pension or something else, bring evidence of that too. Extra income will strengthen your application so it’s well worth using it.


That’s usually all you need to apply for a car loan in Copetown. If you’re applying on your own, all the paperwork should be about you. If you’re applying as a couple or with a coborrower, you should have paperwork for each applicant.


Copetown Auto Loan Applications


Once you have your paperwork together, we can process a car loan application quickly. You’ll usually have your answer within an hour, perhaps two if they are busy.


The more you prepare, the faster the application process goes. We don’t just leave you hanging though. We help you prepare the application, make sure all your paperwork is in order and sufficient to help the application process succeed.


You can even wander around the dealership to find a car while we are getting everything in order if you like. After all, any loan application needs a car and it’s far easier to get the loan and the car from the same place at the same time, right?


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