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Professional Ontario Used Car Selling Tips for 2022

Professional Ontario Used Car Selling Tips for 2022

The used car market is hot right now so if you were planning to sell your car, now is a great time. Prices are at an all time high, inventory is low and you stand a high chance of getting top price.


There are a few professional Ontario used car selling tips you can use to maximize your car’s appeal to increase the likelihood of making a sale. You might even get a little more for it too!


Know what you have


The best piece of advice we can offer is to know what you have and what it’s worth. This will prevent you accepting a lowball offer and ensure you get top dollar.


Check your car on Kelly Blue Book and AutoTrader. Compare like for like. The same year, same make and model, same trim level and engine size.


If your car is common, select a similar mileage and condition to get the most accurate value.


Check a few websites, write down the high and low values and pitch yours somewhere in the middle.


Give the buyer very little to do


One key mistake we see time and again is people trying to sell cars that need work.


While we get that spending money on a car before you sell it can seem a waste, it really isn’t.


The more you do before selling it, the less we have to do when buying it. That lowers our risk, which increases the car’s desirability and potentially, value.


This is even more true for private sales.


Fixing dings, having the car serviced, changing worn tires and replacing blown bulbs takes money and effort.


The more a potential buyer will have to do to the car to make it drive-able, the less likely they are to buy it.


Clean the car thoroughly


Clean cars sell. There’s a reason dealerships spend an inordinate amount of time and effort detailing cars on their lot. Because clean cars sell.


They create that almost new car feeling and paints a picture of a lifestyle the buyer wants for themselves.


Plus, you can get the true picture of its condition when it’s clean!


Clean your car inside and out. Clear out the trash, empty it of anything personal, check the glove box and storage areas, empty the trunk and remove all evidence of your previous ownership.


It’s a surprisingly effective way to trick the mind into not considering the previous owner and is very powerful.


Get a vehicle history report


If you’re planning to sell privately, get a vehicle history report. It’s great at setting the buyer’s mind at ease and can overcome a lot of hesitancy.


Carfax Canada does charge for reports but it’s a worthwhile investment. Some buyers will get their own anyway, but others will use the report you provide along with the car as proof of ownership and condition.


If you’re selling your car to a dealership, you don’t necessarily need to pay for a report as we’ll get one ready for the next buyer.


None of these Ontario used car selling tips will guarantee a sale, but they can increase the chances of one. They can even increase the offer that’s made too!


If you’re preparing to sell a used car in 2022, we’d love to buy it for a great price! Simply fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP! 


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