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New EV alert: the Dodge Hornet PHEV

New EV alert: the Dodge Hornet PHEV

The Dodge Hornet PHEV R/T is a new crossover style SUV hoping to bring Dodge from its muscle car roots to the land of Electric Vehicles.


The plug-in hybrid model has high performance potential which it hopes to use to make Dodge stand out.  The Dodge Hornet PHEV is made in Italy alongside the Alfa Romeo Tonale, with which it shares a platform.


The brand sought to make a crossover that appeals to those who want the flexibility of a small SUV and the power of a high-performance vehicle.  Dodge is entering a crowded market so they hope the focus on performance will give them the edge they need.


The R/T can go from 0-96 Kph in 6.1 seconds using a “PowerShot” Sport mode which pumps up the power by adding 25 extra horsepower in short bursts of 15 seconds.  That kind of kick off the line is enough to satisfy those with a need for speed.


The Dodge Hornet PHEV has a battery that allows the driver at least 48 KMs of electric range and features regenerative braking.  Since there’s still a gas-powered motor, there’s no one-pedal drive on this one.


The tech inside is some of the best on the market, including an infotainment center that can host two phone profiles at once.  We love this because it means we can still choose the music while our passenger navigates our road trips.


Overall, we’re glad to see Dodge making some moves into the EV and SUV marketplace.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to get all the latest news and updates on EVs and more.

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