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How to Maintain the Value of a Car Before you Sell it

How to Maintain the Value of a Car Before you Sell it

We don’t buy and own simply to maintain the value of a car when it comes time to sell it, but it should be a consideration. Being able to sell the car for a decent price when it comes time means having more for a down payment on the next car or more to spend on whatever you like.


There are a few things you can do to maintain the value of a car while still enjoying your car as our Ohsweken auto loans team explains.


Whether you’re selling privately or selling your car to a dealership, these tips can help.


Keep the car waxed and clean


Cleaning the car is therapeutic or cathartic to some and a waste of time for others. It’s also a simple way to preserve the paintwork and keep the car looking good while you own it.


Keeping the car clean prevents dirt and bird mess eating into your paintwork. It also helps you identify scratches faster, which enables you to address them.


Waxing your car helps prevent fading in the sun and damage from road or sea salt. It’s a cheap, simple way to protect paintwork.


Keep the car stock


There’s a definite scene for modified cars but it’s a small one. You either have to go all in and spend thousands on modifying your car or don’t do it at all. Partially modified cars never look good.


Minor upgrades like upgraded wheels, privacy glass or aftermarket reversing cameras are okay but anything else should be avoided at all costs.


Nothing will put a dealer off faster than a big trunk spoiler or side skirts or those hood vents that really shouldn’t be there.


If you’re planning on selling your car to a dealership or want maximum value at a later date, keep it stock.


Keep it serviced


A car’s service history is like your credit report. It’s the story of its life and how it has been handled over the time of your ownership.


The more complete the service record, the better picture a future owner will have. All the right stamps in all the right places, plus receipts for any work you had carried out, will all help maintain its residual value.


The same for parts or repairs. Keep the invoices or receipts to show how well the car has been cared for. It proves you have invested in the car and maintained it, which gives the buyer confidence that they are buying a car that has been well looked after.


Use mats and a trunk tidy


A minor but useful tip from one of our dealers is to use car mats and a trunk tidy. Both help protect the carpets in the car, which can help maintain resale value.


Carpets wear quickly and are difficult to recondition without replacing them. Using even a cheap set of car mats can help reduce wear on carpets. If you often carry cargo in the trunk, a trunk tidy can do the same in back.


It’s a small thing but can make a serious difference if you do a lot of miles. Replacing carpets in a car can be expensive!


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