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How to Limit Risk when Selling your Car in Canada

How to Limit Risk when Selling your Car in Canada

There are some risks associated with selling a used car on your own. By the time you reach the end of this conversation, you should be able to safely navigate the world of used car sales and know how to limit risk when selling your car.


Getting your car ready for market


Before we dive into the how you can limit risk when selling your car, you need to get your car ready for market. You can either clean the car yourself or have it detailed by a local firm.


After your car is “showroom ready,” you can start getting ready to advertise the car for sale.


Do not use social media to sell used cars


Social media attracts billions of people daily, and it is the last place you should advertise your used car. There are scammers that hang out online and look for opportunities to cheat people.


Common scams that occur on social media


One scam that happens on social media, scammers notice your advertisement on social media and find out where you live. Once they know where you live, there are a few options available. If your car is a popular model, they could steal the catalytic converters. This is a simple scam.


Another, more complex scam that happens when you post on social media, scammers wait until you are sleeping at night or not paying attention, and they grab your car. The car is taken to a port, where it is loaded on a container and shipped overseas.


This may sound like a Hollywood movie, but it happens every day, and you could be the next victim if you aren’t smart.


List your used car on established platforms


You should only advertise your used car on well-established platforms, examples of these websites include AutoTrader, Kijiji Autos, and a host of others.


Advertising your website on these platforms is not enough. You will need to do some heavy lifting on your end. Write a compelling ad that highlights the key benefits of your used car.


Prospective buyers are interested in the asking price, mileage, and whether the car is in good condition. You can say the car is in “good” condition, but that is subjective.


Using the adage that “seeing is believing,” you should make a video of the used car. It doesn’t need to be 8k definition, but if you have the ability with your phone, why not. When making the video, add a watermark so no one can steal your video.


A risk-free way to sell your used car


If you are looking for the safest way to sell your used car, this is without a doubt the safest way. Contact your local car dealerships and get appraisals from them. While reviewing the estimates, you will see which dealership is paying top-dollar.


The dealership is in the business of buying and selling cars, so you can have total confidence that they are going to pay you the amount promised. Now that you know about the scams taking place online, you can choose the safe path by going through a local dealership.


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