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Key reasons why you should buy an EV this year

Key reasons why you should buy an EV this year

If you're thinking about buying an electric car, you're very forward-thinking. For the world, or at least North America, to reach its goal of using less fuel, most drivers need to be in EVs.

Not enough people were buying electric cars but those days are over

A lot of the pushback against EVs may be due to false information spread by groups that want EVs to take longer to catch on so they can make more money.

The biggest worries about owning an EV were about how much it would cost and how far it would go.

Due to problems with making them, the first generation of electric cars on Canadian roads cost an average of over $65,000.

The production rates of electric vehicles from large automakers have caught up to those of gas-powered vehicles.

This has brought down the unit cost of EVs to the point where they can compete with regular cars.

Newer electric cars can go more than 500 kilometres (350+ miles) on a single charge, which takes away another worry for people who want to buy an EV due to range anxiety.

The number of private and public charging stations has also grown a lot across Canada.

How to choose the right electric car for you

Even though Tesla is often brought up in the same sentence as electric cars, it is not the only or even the best option.

Several big car companies, such as Ford, have recently come out with electric cars (EVs) that are worth looking into.

You get the benefits of electric vehicle technology as well as the peace of mind that comes with buying a car from a well-known company like Ford. (Companies that make new electric vehicles can't give this to potential customers.)

How to get the best financing on your dream car

No matter how much we talk about their features and functions, the only way to know for sure which EV is best for you is to test drive a few of them.

Get in touch with a local EV dealership and set up a test drive so you can meet the staff and try out the car in person. The staff will be very helpful in getting you approved for financing.

These electric cars have more torque than similar gas-powered cars, and most people will like only having to use one pedal to drive.

If you want to buy an electric vehicle (EV), the next step is to figure out how to pay for it. You will need a good auto loan because the average starting price of an electric vehicle is much more than $35,000.

If your credit isn't great but you still need to talk to the dealer and get things moving, switching to an EV will save you money on gas and help the environment.



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