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Is there an ideal time to sell your old car?

Is there an ideal time to sell your old car?

Do you have a car you want to sell? Need money and wondering when is the best time to sell your old car? We can help!

Had you asked this question 18 months ago, we would have given you a selection of criteria that would have made the ideal time to sell a car.

Now, with shortages in new car production and increases in prices being paid for good quality used cars, we have no criteria.

If you want to sell your car, you can do it anytime!

The best time to sell a car for maximum value

Car dealerships across Canada are all buying used cars at excellent prices. We’re no different.

However, the same factors that influenced vehicle value a couple of years ago are still true today.

They include:

Vehicle mileage

There is no genuine average for vehicle mileage. We tend to think anything under 150,000km as okay and anything over as worthy of further inspection.

That hasn’t changed. While we can afford to be less choosy when buying cars, this figure is so ingrained in our consciousness that it’s hard to shake.

If you have a car that’s nearing that 150k mark, it would be a good idea to sell it before rather than after.


It’s a no-brainer that the better the condition of your car, the more it will be worth. If you have had repairs done, replaced expensive components or had a respray, now would be a good time to sell your car.

All this work makes your car more attractive to buyers, so will increase the perceived value of the car.

The same for servicing, regular repairs, tire changes and other regular expenses. The less a buyer has to do when they take possession, the more they will pay for the car.

Vehicle type

The type of vehicle you were selling used to have quite a bearing on its value and when the best time was to sell.

That’s not true anymore as shortages means people will buy pretty much anything at any time.

Where a convertible would sell best in spring, you’ll now be able to sell just as easily in fall or winter.

All cars are selling all year round whether that’s a sports car, soft top, family wagon or truck. If you have something that’s in good condition, it will sell!

Sell your car the easy way

So, you now know there’s a strong appetite for buying used cars. The trick, as always, is to get maximum value with minimum effort.

Fortunately, the old ways still ring true.

Selling to a dealership is the fastest, easiest way to sell your car. No need to write an ad, take hundreds of pictures, handle tire kickers or answer dumb questions.

There’s no risk of being a victim of crime either, which is more of a benefit to some than others depending on where you live!

Simply give your car a good clean inside and out, get the paperwork together and bring it to a Car Nation Canada dealership for appraisal.

We’ll check the car over and make an offer there and then if we like the car. We pay directly into your bank and, if there’s no outstanding finance, you’ll get your money right away!

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