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Great Ways To Save For a Car This Summer In Bronte

Great Ways To Save For a Car This Summer In Bronte

Want to save for a car or a down payment for a car loan? Want to pay down debt so you can qualify for a car loan? Need money for something else? How about earning a little extra this summer?


Our Bronte auto loan team put their heads together to come up with some viable ways to earn a little extra this year to help pay off debts, save for a car or to add to savings.


Sell some stuff


We are all probably guilty of having too much stuff around the house. A good portion of it we probably don’t use. It’s spring right now so why not have a spring clean and set aside some items you could sell for extra cash?


Collect anything you don’t use and create a selling pile and a charity pile. Anything else can go to recycling. Clean everything up, make it presentable and sell it online.


Use Craigslist, eBay and other marketplaces to see anything that’s worth money. Anything that won’t raise much money, donate to charity as long as it’s worth something to them.


Become an online tutor


Are you an expert on something? Have qualifications in a specific field? Could you help teach a language or specific skills? Sell your skills for cash online. You could use Craigslist again or a specialist skills website like TeachAway.


If you’re good at video, you could create online courses for websites like Udemy. It takes work but the advantage here is passive income. Create the course, sell it online and the money comes in regardless of what else is going on.


Go freelance at weekends


If you have transferrable skills, you could offer them freelance in your spare time. There are dozens of online freelance marketplaces offering everything from blogging and writing to coding or editing. If you can perform the service virtually, you can buy or sell it on one of these websites.


You won’t make a fortune but it’s extra cash in the bank!


Be a golf caddy


If you live near a golf or country club, you could offer your services as a golf caddy in your spare time. You get to spend time outdoors and just have to follow someone round the course for a few hours to get paid. Hand them the right club and be polite while staying out the way and you’re golden.


It doesn’t pay too well but tips can be well worth the effort.


Be a test subject


Universities are often looking for test subjects to experiment on which can be a good way to earn money. We would recommend sleep studies or exercise studies rather than drug testing, but it’s entirely up to you.


Check university newspapers and websites for information on what is required, when and where.


So, there are five ways to make some extra cash this summer. They could generate enough for you to save for a car, pay off some debt so you better qualify for a Bronte car loan or help generate some savings. You may even have some fun while you’re there!


Do you have any (sensible) money making ideas? Share them below if you do!


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