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Get Excited for the New Dodge eMuscle Car

Get Excited for the New Dodge eMuscle Car


We’re still waiting for a final concept to be revealed.  In April, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis said he would like to have the concept presented before August 2022, but there have been delays beyond Dodge’s control.  Supply chain issues are still real in the automotive industry.

We expect that the body will be on the STLA Large platform because that will allow for the largest battery pack and most power possible.  It would also provide a range up to 800 Kms.  Given that most EVs produced today don’t come anywhere near that number, Dodge is clearly not messing around.

As far as looks we can’t be sure where Dodge is headed.  There are rumours that Dodge’s eMuscle car will use the same powertrain as the Maserati GranTurismo Folgore.  This means a three-motor setup and top speeds of more than 299 kph.  That certainly doesn’t sound like settling for less to us.

The introduction of a fully electric muscle car has divided the fans of Chargers and Challengers.  There are those who fully embrace the concept of EVs and some who are die-hard ICE fans.  While we can understand where the ICE fans are coming from, we’re too curious to see what Dodge comes out with to be upset.  We’re pleased to see we won’t have to compromise on power and performance in order to protect the future of the planet.


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