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How to Get a Car Ready to Sell in Ontario [2022]

How to Get a Car Ready to Sell in Ontario [2022]

Canadians who want to sell a used car are in luck; there has never been a better time in recorded history to sell a used car.


Prices are trending at unprecedented highs, so you should be able to make a tidy profit so long as you stick with our suggestions.


Is your vehicle in a good state of repair?


Is your used car in a good state of repair? Potential buyers are willing to pay a premium, but first you need to get a car ready to sell.


The only way that prospective buyers can determine whether the car is in good shape is by looking at its service record of the car.


Whenever you bring the car in for an oil change, tire change, or anything else, you would have a receipt for that work.


Consolidate all of those receipts, so potential buyers can review it.


Prospective buyers will look up your vehicle on CarFax to see if it was involved in an accident.


You can still sell the used car, even if it was in an accident but you need to inform potential buyers about this before closing the deal.


Buyers will also want to know if there are any outstanding liens on the car. When you bought the car, the lender who financed the deal would have registered a lien against the car.


After the last payment was made on the loan, you should have received a lien release from the lender; this is proof there are no active liens against the vehicle.


If you are not able to find these documents, you should reach out to the lender. You may be able to find a buyer who is willing to make an offer if there is a lien against your car, but the odds of closing that deal are slim to none.


How to get a Car Ready to Sell


You will need to prepare your used car, to make it stand out from all of the others. It would be smart to have the car professionally detailed to get it in “showroom worthy condition.”


Once the car has been spruced up, you can start taking 4K video and images of the vehicle, so potential buyers can inspect every inch of the car.


This may seem like overkill, but making an effort now will increase your chances of getting multiple offers on the used car.


The best way to sell your used car for fast cash


There is another way where you can sell your used car for fast cash; what you can do is contact a neighborhood car dealership.


The dealership is always buying vehicles for their inventory, so you have a motivated buyer. What the dealership will do is first determine the current fair market value of your car.


Once that assessment has been completed, you will receive a no-obligation cash offer; if you accept the offer, you will walk out of the dealership with the payment in hand. This is a great option when you need to sell your used car for fast cash.


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