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EV or Hybrid: What Canadians need to know

EV or Hybrid: What Canadians need to know

If you are thinking about buying a car but are not sure whether to get a hybrid or an EV, we are here to help make the entire experience a more pleasant one.

Hybrid: The best of both worlds

The first generation of electric vehicles came with the hope of a better tomorrow, but they had a major drawback, a lack of range.

This lack of range led to the development of the term “range anxiety,” where a driver would worry if they had enough fuel to reach their desired destination.

The primary reason for this concern is a lack of charging infrastructure throughout most parts of Canada.

While those concerns are legitimate, the days of range anxiety are pretty much behind us. The latest generation of EVs can deliver up to 500+km of range.

The average Canadian will commute less than 100KM per day, so you can get a couple of days of driving out of the EV without recharging it.

If you were to go on a long trip, there is a growing number of level-3 charging stations throughout Canada (you can find them at most Petro Canada stations).

These chargers allow drivers to recharge their EV in as little as an hour, depending on the vehicle you are driving.

It seems we went on a tangent talking about EVs and not spending much time on hybrids. The truth is, the hybrid, like the traditional gas-powered car, days are numbered.

After 2035 no new gas-powered cars will be manufactured in Canada; this will include hybrids.

Making the switch now to lock in long-term savings

Everyone will be driving an EV; it is not an issue of if but when; with gas prices constantly rising and poised to climb even higher with the Trudeau government carbon taxes, you need to protect yourself by making the transition to an EV.

EVs are too expensive

One of the biggest pieces of misinformation being spread around online is that EVs are expensive and not reliable.

There was some truth to that statement with the first generation EVs, and there are some EVs out there that aren’t very reliable; it comes down to the specific make and model of EV you buy.

What you should do is buy an EV from a company that has been making cars for a very long time and has established itself as the top automaker in the world.

We are talking about Ford. Ford is so committed to the electrification of the automobile that it has come out with EV versions of the Mustang and the F150 pick-up truck, both top-selling vehicles in their respective niches.

Now that you know the truth about the EV market in Canada, you should head on down to your local Ford dealership right now and test drive their EVs yourself, “seeing is believing,” and you won’t believe just how much money you could be saving.

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