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Considerations when you Sell your Car in Guelph

Considerations when you Sell your Car in Guelph

There are some important things that you need to know when you sell your car in Guelph privately. The used car market has been on fire for over a year now and is not showing any signs that it is slowing down.


Everyone is cashing in on the used car market, and you may be able to turn a profit, but there are risks you should keep in mind.


Places to avoid


You should not try to sell your car in Guelph on social media; it sounds like a great idea. You are on social media all the time, so why not list your used car in the various marketplaces and wait for the offers to come rolling in?


Think about the caliber of the “buyers” using these marketplaces. Are they actively looking to buy a car or just “shopping” around?


You want to have your used car in front of people who are showing buyers' intent by visiting websites that focus on selling vehicles.


An example of a website that meets that criteria would be AutoTrader, but there are other popular websites that are dedicated to selling cars.


Finding websites that are popular with car buyers is great, but there is still some work that you will need to do before you get paid.


Is your car ready to be sold?


Your car needs to look its best if you want to attract serious buyers and get your full asking price.


Of course, no one expects your car to look brand new, but it shouldn’t look like it was involved in a demolition derby either.


Simple things like cleaning the interior and exterior of the car and making the tires look good can go a long way in enhancing the curb appeal.


Keep in mind, the buyers are going to be looking at pictures of the car when deciding on whether they want to meet up with you to make an offer. If the images do not look good, your advertisement will not get any traction.


Something that we mentioned was meeting the buyer in person. In theory, you can sell the car online and never meet with the buyer in person. In our opinion, this would not be wise; the buyer could use an invalid form of payment.


Many scams take place online; by meeting the buyer in person, you will eliminate most but not all of the potential scams.


Do not let anyone take the car for a test drive until you have a copy of their driver's license; you don’t want someone driving off with your car!


The safest way to sell a used car


There is an easier and much safer way to sell your used car; this is an open secret that most people don’t realize.


You can bring your used car to a local dealership, and they will buy it. Consumers are under the impression that dealerships only sell cars; they are always on the lookout for new inventory, especially with the car shortage being experienced around the world.


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