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Where to Find a Car Loan in Delhi with Bad Credit

Where to Find a Car Loan in Delhi with Bad Credit

Canadians need to prepare to find a fair priced car loan in Delhi with bad credit, or they could find themselves in an awkward situation.


The Bank of Canada recently increased the prime rate by twenty-five basis points. While it is not a huge amount, this is a clear signal that the days of cheap money are over in Canada.


With rising interest rates, lenders are going to charge the most credit-worthy borrowers a higher rate, and those with bad credit will end up paying a proverbial arm and leg for a car loan.


Understanding the causes of your bad credit


You should spend a few moments to understand the root cause of your bad credit; the starting point is using platforms like TransUnion and Equifax to find out what your current credit score.


At first, you may feel intimidated, but the report is fairly simple to understand; credit scores range from 300-to 800. To qualify as a prime candidate, your credit score needs to be over 720.


If your credit score is below 600, then you would fall into the “bad credit” label. The primary cause of a low credit score is due to not making your payments on time.


If you are the type of person, who tends to forget, sign up for pre-authorized payments so you will never miss another payment.


While you work on rebuilding your credit, you also need to look at your income.


Do you have a budget in place?


If you do not have a budget, then how are you able to track where your money is going?


Once you have a budget in place, you will be able to determine how much cash you can put towards a new car payment.


Lenders are going to pay extra close to your income, so it would be wise to have your budget defined as soon as possible.


Car prices are rising


The average price of a new car can exceed $40,000, and with the high-interest rate you will be charged, a new car would probably be unsustainable.


Your best option would be to purchase a used car, but you will need to allocate some time to find a used car that will meet both your budget and needs.


Where to find the most competitive car loan in Delhi with Bad Credit


You are waiting for your credit score to improve, but you need a vehicle right away. Head over to your local car dealership; they will be able to help.


The dealership will have lenders that specialize in financing borrowers with bad credit. By going through the dealership, you will benefit from their credit experts, who will advise you on what steps must be taken in order to repair your credit.


The dealership will also take their time to understand your situation so they can negotiate the most competitive terms.


Now that you know to buy a car with bad credit, you should head over to the dealership soon before prices start to rise even further.


We’d love to help you find a great priced car loan in Delhi with Bad Credit. Simply fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP or see our selection of new and used cars at our Burlington dealership. 


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