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Car Lease Necessities in Campbellville

Car Lease Necessities in Campbellville

Buying a car in Campbellville is the most popular form of ownership but you don’t actually have to own a car at all. The other option is a car lease. Leasing is incredibly popular as a cheap way to drive new cars without the high car loan payments.


If you’re considering leasing in Campbellville for the first time, we have four pieces of advice that might help.


Remember to negotiate


Many car leasing companies have a set figure in mind when listing their cars for lease. The format and formality of it all may lead you to believe those prices are set in stone.


They aren’t.


Everything is negotiable.


A leasing company would much rather make a little less profit on a lease than lose the customer entirely. That means you should always negotiate the lease to get something you’re completely happy with.


If it’s money, negotiate the monthly cost. If it’s mileage, do the same for included miles. If it’s the car or features, do the same.


Remember the big picture


When negotiating the monthly cost of the lease, never forget the purchase price too. The more you drive your monthly lease cost down, the higher the initial payment and the higher any optional purchase payment will be.


If you think you might want to buy the car at the end of the lease, try to balance all three of these as much as you can. We won’t pretend it’s easy because it isn’t and you may not know whether you would want to buy the car yet.


Just consider the option and remember that leasing is about more than just the monthly cost even though that’s the headline.


Check for fees


Fees are an unfortunate byproduct of our industry and something we couldn’t escape from even if we wanted to. However, there are fair transparent fees and less fair and less transparent fees.


Even if the leasing consultant doesn’t highlight fees, check the paperwork carefully to make sure there aren’t any hidden in the small print. Don’t let the sales person hurry you, take your time as it could save you money.


Consider mileage, insurance, delivery charges, taxes, potential reconditioning charges and anything else mentioned in the contract.


If you have time, compare the fees to the competition to see what’s fair, or not.


Work out the mileage


Low headline lease fees often hide tiny mileage allowances. That’s great if you know you don’t drive far, but if you commute, you have some maths to do.


Work out your daily commute and make sure you will be covered for that and any other driving you might do. Paying excess mileage can work out quite expensive so you may be better off paying more per month for a higher mileage limit.


If you’re leasing a used car, check the mileage on the odometer and make sure it is recorded accurately on the contract. You certainly don’t want to be paying for someone else’s mileage!


We don’t just sell cars in Campbellville or offer car loans. We lease cars too. Contact us to hear about our latest deals.


Contact Unique Chrysler for help, advice and competitive Campbellville car finance and leasing.


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