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Canada Invests in Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Canada Invests in Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles


Canada is investing in charging stations for electric vehicles.  There are two main reasons why drivers in Burlington, and across Ontario, are hesitant to buy an electric vehicle: upfront cost & charging availability.  The Federal Government is working to change that perception.


The Details

In July the Government of Canada announced in Burlington that they are investing over $3 million to install nearly 100 chargers across Ontario and Quebec.  They are expected to be available by November 2022.


31 of the chargers will be Level 2 and 67 are fast chargers.  This will reduce driver anxiety and make driving an EV from Burlington to Montreal easier than ever.


There have been several announcements regarding EV charging infrastructure across the country.  All to ensure Canadians are comfortable with making the switch from gas to battery powered cars.  Hopefully, long before sales of ICE vehicles are halted for good in 2035.


The federal budget also includes funding to extend the incentive for purchasing EVs until 2025.  The plan is to expand the selection of vehicles eligible for the program, meaning more larger passenger vehicles (vans, trucks, and SUVs).  For now, the incentive only applies to the purchase of new vehicles, but it still helps take the sting out of the price tag.


The Future

EV production will increase as time goes on.  With every major automaker beginning to offer fully electric models, prices should improve for Canadian consumers.  Ontario will be pivotal in different levels of manufacturing.  The vehicles themselves won’t have to travel far to get to the consumer, further decreasing costs.


With more charging stations for electric vehicles being installed across the country, including in Burlington, Canadians are left with very few reasons to put off purchasing an EV.


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