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When To Replace An Old Car In Campbellville

When To Replace An Old Car In Campbellville

Cars last longer than ever now but they still age and still experience wear and tear. The older the car gets, the more frequently it will need maintenance, which can soon mount up. So, how do you know when it’s time to replace your old car? Our Campbellville car loan team finds out.


Is it roadworthy?


The most obvious sign that your car needs replacing is if it’s no longer roadworthy. Whether that’s because of its condition, accident damage, wear and tear or something else, if the car isn’t safe or roadworthy, it needs replacing.


How much is maintenance costing you?


Maintenance is the main cost of older cars other than gas and is something that will either make your mind up or keep you wondering.


If you’re regularly having repairs, new parts or keep needing a tow, you need to think carefully about whether those costs are more or less than a car loan would be.


You need to factor in the cost per month of parts and maintenance, plus the cost of all that against the value of the car.


Finally, you need to consider whether those parts and maintenance costs provide permanent solutions to the situation or whether they are just delaying the inevitable.


That’s a harder value to quantify but if you have to keep replacing tires because the car wears through them faster than it should, perhaps it’s time to change.


Is it inconvenient?


One factor many drivers don’t take into consideration is the inconvenience of having the car in the shop or regularly breaking down. The being late for work or for appointments, not wanting to drive too far from home in case it breaks down and not having confidence in the car as a whole.


While intangible, it can often be this emotional cost that makes your mind up one way or the other.


If you’re frequently inconvenienced, you may be more inclined to want to replace your car. If you’re rarely inconvenienced, it’s less of a big deal.


Does it guzzle gas?


Finally, how efficient is your old car? Does it still sip gas like it was new or is it thirstier now? Could you make savings each month on gas that could go towards a car loan payment?


While we all want to help the environment, it’s when it helps out wallet that the majority of us take action. Depending on how much gas you’re getting to the km, that could be now.


Only you can make that decision but there will come a time when you know enough is enough. When that time comes, our Campbellville car loan specialists and dealership team can help.


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