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Can I Buy A Car With No Credit Score?

Can I Buy A Car With No Credit Score?

Anything is possible when you put your mind to it, You can of course buy a car with no credit if you look around and find the best options. Whether you’re new to Canada and want to buy a car, are in college and want your first car or something else, there are always ways to get what you want!


Our Georgetown auto loan team suggest a few ways to buy a car with no credit.


Pay cash


The most obvious way to get a car without needing credit is to pay cash. It may take some saving and may mean you don’t get the expensive car you were hoping for but it’s definitely a viable path to car ownership.


Buy new, buy used, buy at auction or buy from a dealership. If you’re paying cash, you can buy your car from anywhere.


Use cash as a down payment


If you want something more expensive, you can use cash as a down payment and use a program to access a Georgetown auto loan. If you’re new to Canada, there are programs to help. If you’re a student, there are programs to help.


If you’re rebuilding your credit, you also have programs that can help. There are also auto loans around that take a lot more than credit into account, which can also help.


Build credit in Georgetown


The long term goal should always be to improve your credit. Our credit scores control many aspects of our lives, from where we can live to the insurers that will insure us.


It takes time and will mean delaying your car purchase unless you have cash but the benefits will reach far beyond a car. A good credit score opens up a lot of financial doors.


Use a credit card or get a secured credit card and use it for daily expenses. As long as you pay off the balance in full each month, you’ll avoid the majority of the interest charges.


Get a co-signer


A co-signer comes in on the loan with you. They won’t own the car but they will guarantee the loan. If you pay it off, they need do nothing. If you default or miss a payment, the lender will expect the co-signer to finish paying the loan.


If you know someone willing to be a co-signer on an auto loan in Georgetown, it’s a way to access finance when your credit is low.


Bad credit car loans in Georgetown


If you have poor credit instead of no credit, you also have options. You can use any of the methods explained above or you can use a specific bad credit car loan. These are specialist products designed for those with less than perfect credit.


We are bad credit car loan specialists and have access to a range of lenders willing to work with people in all kinds of situations. We can help you too.


Contact Unique Chrysler for help, advice and competitive Mississauga car finance and leasing.


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