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How To Avoid Identity Theft in Halton Hills

How To Avoid Identity Theft in Halton Hills

We had a client this week who had been unable to avoid identity theft recently. While everything was being worked out, their credit score had taken a huge hit and there were marks for missed payments and lots of debt all over their credit report.


Everything gets sorted out in the end but it can take months. If you were planning to buy a new car and get an auto loan in Halton Hills in that time, you’re going to struggle.


That’s why our Halton Hills auto loans team has put together this quick guide how to avoid identity theft guide. In the hope it doesn’t happen to you.


Good email hygiene


Email is a prime vector for identity thieves. Never open spam email, don’t open emails if you don’t recognize the sender and never open email attachments.


If you definitely know who sent the email, you can risk it but in all other situations, delete the email without opening the attachment.


Never click links in emails either unless you’re 100% sure you know who it’s from. Try hovering the cursor over an email link in a spam email next time you get one. See how what the link says and where it goes look different?


Use strong passwords everywhere


Using strong passwords is a security fundamental to avoid identity theft. Use a strong, original password on every account you have. Never repeat passwords between accounts either.


Use a password manage like LastPass to do the heavy lifting for you. It can generate and securely store all your passwords. That password store is heavily encrypted to keep it safe too.


Use two-factor authentication wherever you can


Two-factor authentication, 2FA, is an extra layer of security you probably already use without realizing it. You know when you log onto your bank and you have to log in with a username and password and then use an SMS code or code from a dongle to log in?


That’s 2FA.


Many online accounts offer 2FA including many email providers, most social networks and many online stores.


Sharing is not caring


Be careful who you talk to online. People can literally be anyone they say so be aware of what you’re sharing and the amount of information you’re giving out about yourself.


Be mindful that the person you’re talking to may not be who they say they are. Share, make friends and be sociable, just use the same principles you would use if you met a stranger in the street. It’s no different.


Shred or burn documents


If you’re having a clear out, burn or shred old bank statements, credit card statements and anything with your name printed on it. These can be used as ID for credit, so not putting them in the trash can help keep your identity secure.


The credit bureaus and lenders will work with you if you are a victim of identity theft but it all takes time and effort to sort out. Following these simple tips can help avoid being a victim in the first place, which is much easier!


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