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All of the Jeeps Currently on the Market

All of the Jeeps Currently on the Market

Jeep has produced a lot of vehicles over their almost 80 year lifetime. From the classic Wrangler to the short lived Forward Control. But what are Jeep up to these days? In this article we’ll give a brief rundown of all 8 Jeep’s currently available in 2021 going into 2022.


2022 Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer


The grand return of The Jeep Wagoneer happened this year. The last Jeep Wagoneer was released in 1993 for reference. The Wagoneer is Jeeps Take on Luxury. Equipped with all the latest tech and gizmos. Up to and including Amazon Alexa support built into the vehicle.


While The Grand Wagoneer is the ultra deluxe variant. Both are brand new and extra fancy, so don’t expect to see them at bargain prices anytime soon.


2021 Gladiator


The Wrangler's big pickup truck brother, The Gladiator was Introduced back in 2018 and has been in production since. Jeep’s unique take on a truck does offer some advantages over other trucks on the market. Primarily with it’s off-road capabilities, and it’s unique distinction as the only Truck on the market available with an open roof option.


It’s also the last truck in North America to still come with a manual transmission, if you’re into that sort of thing.


2021 Wrangler


You know it, you love it, it's the Wrangler, the Ur-Jeep. Technically the brand dates back to 1986, but it is very much a continuation of the very first jeeps manufactured in the 40’s. The Wrangler is what you picture when you think: “Jeep”.


Famed for its modding community, it's off-roading prowess and its incredible ability to hold on to it’s value. The Wrangler is still in fighting form.


2021 Cherokee


It’s the best selling SUV in Canada. The Cherokee is the more approachable family face of Jeep. Smaller than the Grand Cherokee, but bigger than The Compass, the Cherokee is happily rounding out the middle size of Jeeps modern range.


2021 Grand Cherokee


Just entering its 5th generation, the Grand Cherokee has been a staple of the Jeep lineup since the 90’s. Bigger and fancier than the Cherokee, The Grand Cherokee is the go-to pick for many families across North America. The Cherokee may hold the title in Canada. But for all of North America the Grand Cherokee is champion.


2021 Compass


A relative Newcomer to the Jeep range, the Compass has been redesigned for Gen 2 to resemble a sort of baby Cherokee. The Compass is one of Jeeps first Crossover SUV’s.


Being new on the scene, time will tell the success and future of the Compass.


2021 Renegade


The smallest Jeep currently on the market. If the Compass is a baby Cherokee, then the Renegade is the baby Wrangler. It holds the unique distinction as the first Jeep produced exclusively outside of North America, though it’s still sold over here as well.


The Renegade is a spiritual successor to The Patriot, and it does in classic Wrangler fashion, come with a detachable roof option.


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