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Do I Need To Replace My Old Car In Brantford?

Do I Need To Replace My Old Car In Brantford?

If you’re hanging on by keeping your old car on the road to save money, you may not be saving as much as you think. You could even be spending more on gas and repairs than a typical Brantford auto loan.


That’s the subject of today’s post. Our Brantford auto loan team have put together five key signs that your old car is past time for replacement.


It Guzzles Gas


We’re used to big motors being thirsty but if your car was once frugal and is now guzzling gas, it might be time to look at a replacement. You can test this easily by filling up with a set amount of gas and resetting your odometer.


For example, fill up with 2 gallons, reset your odometer, drive normally and see how far you get before you’re at the same level as when you filled. This should give you an idea of whether the car is using more gas or not.


Spending more time in the shop


If your car is spending more time in the shop than out of it, or you’re spending more on repairs or parts than before, it might be a good idea to change.


You can quantify this by recording how much you spend on the car each month. Compare it over a few months to see how expensive it is to run. Then compare that to a Brantford auto loan payment to see which costs more.


Zero safety tech


Safety is critical on the road so driving a car without any safety equipment puts you and your family at significant risk. If everyone else on the road has airbags, autonomous braking, side impact protection and other tech and you don’t, who is going to come off worst in an accident?


This isn’t scare tactics, this is reality.


Insurance costs keep climbing


Insurance is a significant cost of driving and the older your car, the higher the premium. A lot can influence how expensive your car insurance is and the age of the car is one of those influences.


Older cars don’t have safety tech, are usually easier to steal, can often come off worse in collisions, cause more injuries than newer cars and break down more often. All things that can raise your premium.


You can’t rely on it


You only really appreciate a reliable car when you don’t have one. Otherwise it’s one of those things we all take for granted. The car is always there, always ready to go and can always get you to work on time. Until it doesn’t.


If you find yourself wondering if the car will start today, whether you’ll be late for work because of a breakdown or keeping auto recovery in your phone just in case, it’s time for something new.


Some older cars can last forever with very little maintenance. The majority cannot. Just because your car is no longer suitable as your daily driver, doesn’t mean you have to junk it. Keep it as a project. Keep it as a weekend runabout. Do what you like.


Just replace it with something cheaper and more reliable for daily use.


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